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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  June 10, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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hillary. home of the bradley cooper and goldbergs and this home we're calling it our home, good day drives to you jenkintown and we are taking over the block. wow. >> slow down. >> okay, welcome to jenkintown. >> hi there jenkintown. we made it. >> good day from jenkintown. >> how are you guys. >> what a welcome. >> good day everybody. >> the whole town turnout, this is great. how cute are these kid. >> they are adorable. >> good day, thank you for having us here. >> hi, how are you. >> look at all of the helmets. they decorate their helmets, hi kids. now why are you with all of the kids officer. >> because i love to stay here with the kid here in
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jenkintown, great time and bike safety is what it is all about. >> pull one over. >> nobody gets tickets. >> we have a program during the summer, where we ticket kids that are bicycling safely and we see kids wearing helmets driving safely. >> so for once you want to have a ticket from the police officer. >> this is a good ticket. >> i love it. >> write them up. >> yes. >> here's the thing, officer. >> yes. >> do me a favor do not put a ticket on that mazda over there. >> so you want two. >> do not put a ticket over there. it is a good car that we are giving away. >> the mazda cx9. >> that is right alex holley, very excited because mazda is why we're here. it is a beautiful car, seriously. >> i love this helmet.
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>> helmets are decorated. thanks for coming out, everybody. we will get this thing started. the weather could not be better, it is so nice i wore white pants. >> do your white pants dance, here we go. sue you have to see this dance that mike is doing. >> it is a little chilly. >> that is how you warm up with the white pants i got the white jacket on today. you have got the people, i got the puppies. this is stewart just rescued yesterday from puerto rico. we will find out about people who are responsible for that and just a million things to show new jenkintown this morning including the forecast. so lets get right to the number of the day a ten out of ten, it is, with the chilly start this morning it will be a gorgeous day and in light of it being the best weather day of the weekend we have the possibility of thunderstorms for saturday. we're talking temperatures
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right now 60's in the city, 50's in the suburbs. up in the mountains it is a chilly morning with temperatures in the 40's. we are planning on a sunny day all day long, kind of squinty so don't for get the shade or joining us in jenkintown just outside west ave grill and expecting a big crowd because they have breakfast for you, plenty of hot coffee and hope to see you here. bob kelly, we have people, puppies, we have food, we have got everything in jenkintown, look at that face. >> i want one of those puppies. can we have a puppy? can we have a puppy? >> bring one back, sue. 7:03. that will shake the kid up, right. we have some sun glare getting ready to leave your puppy and get kid out the front door, grab coffee and keys a jam on the eastbound schuylkill because of an accident eastbound at girard avenue. southbound i-95 jammed from
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academy toward girard, schuylkill, sun glare at conshohocken curve and then backup heading in to girard avenue that early morning trip into downtown philadelphia. now rest of the roads accident eastbound turnpike at valley forge, sun glare around your saint gabe's curve heading in to 422, and not only is there sun glare just this bright white light coming out of the jenkintown, mike and alex, the bright white light, what is the bright white light out there? it is mike's pants. >> not only his white pants, that is what it is. >> now tom our cameraman did a white out on my pants. >> you are not the only ones we have lots of white pants behind you herey said would i wear white pant and they are doing the same thing. >> i love it. >> i see what you are wearing. what color are your pants. >> neon. >> neon orange.
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>> theme is bright today. >> should we get news headlines and then come back to jenkintown. >> lets go back to chris and karen with the headlines. >> it is developing news out of delaware county. crews put out a house fire and they find a bod of the man. >> lets get an explanation from sabina kuriakose in springfield with what we know this morning, sabina. >> reporter: take a look at the scene, police put tape up around the perimeter of the home here that just went up a short time ago. the home is completely boarded up, debris on the lawn out here, victim is identified as 57 year-old michael shown, let look at video we have got earlier this morning as crews worked to board up this home after fire fighters left the scene here. they found his body in the second floor bedroom once fire fighters entered the burning house. the authorities responded to reports of the fire here at granite terrace at 12:15 last night. they found the home fully
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engulfed in flames this were able to get it quickly under control but they had reports of the somebody trapped inside when they entered, still continuing to fight this fire. they found this victim dead at the scene. they are investigating what may have led to his death but fire fighters did say they found traces of accelerant possibly maybe even gasoline, in several rooms. police chief tells me gallons of gasoline were found dumped in several rooms from the the basement to the first floor at least here in this home so they are investigating that and figuring out what trying third fire and led to this victim's death, that create aid dangerous situation for fire fighters bat telling fire with traces of possible accelerant is here and one person is dead, the cause still under investigation, guys, back to you. 7:06. frantic escaped during a rescue when a housings up in flames in west deptford late last night. this happened on church street around 11:00 p.m., at least three people were trapped inside of that burning building, and at least one
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jumped from the second story window to escape. fire fighters rescued the least make tenants and all taken to the hospital of course. the fire started around 2:30 on the 4300 block of north 15th street, heavy smoke could be seen coming from the first and second floors where the fire originally started before spread to go nearby homes. in word if anyone lives in these homes or what start that had fire. 7:07. there was a big gun battle in hunting park and it was deadly. that is the scene, 3900 block of north ninth street. we now no one victim a 47 year-old man died after he was shot many times. police say there was a 26 year-old man who took himself to temple hospital and realized this he were involved in the gun battle with each other. we don't know at this time if that 26 year-old will be facing any charges. >> southern california rocked by a earthquake overnight this monk the fire department says there are no immediate reports of the significant damage,
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u.s. gee logical survey put this at magnitude 5.1 and hit just after 4:00 eastern time just about three hours ago and it happened in a remote area with you borrego, 150 miles south east of los angeles. u.s.g.s. says that there have have been after shocks, of course. police say if you are running in the scene of the earthquake area in california, of course, we will continue to stay on top of that one. we want to get is what happening on our schuylkill river trail. we had a woman who was attack some one came up inn slashed her face right on her forehead. >> steve keeley is standing by live on the trail, steve, good morning. >> reporter: i'm on the trail right under the walnut street bridge where this happened at five of 3:00 yesterday. two with men together just like everybody always tell you to be with somebody to have a partner to be safe. they are together right in the middle of the afternoon and center city here. they are walking up the steps
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of the walnut street bridge and they see this guy trailing him behind but that is in the the a big deal because is there load of people here. this guy looked odd and they realized not only looking add but acting odd because he says something semi incoherent saying you don't know anything, pulled out something sharp and slashes woman across the information head. >> it is hard to imagine because the trail is always crowded. they have had incidents in writ even house square where there is also a lot of people. i think what we hope is it is just an odd ball occurrence and not something that is going to repeat but it is important as police patrol down here because there are a lot of people and they come here at all times. >> reporter: they have these stickers every 200 feet or so and tells you what marker you are at. if you call the cops if
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anything happens they know exactly where you are. reason they have those stickers they had teams riding on bicycles groping women. then they had people getting round for their cell phones being held up here. this is the latest crime but worst one yet. right in the middle of the afternoon. other ones were happening toward nighttime. what can be done. kenyatta a johnson the councilman out here said immediately, that is word he used, we need to do something, step up patrols with police. then volunteers also using the word immediately, rather than waiting later in the summer before they were better organized to get volunteers to help make this safer, they will do this by the end of the month. so a lot of people realizing that something needs to be done. you can see thinks like ocean city boardwalk with the popularity, however unlike ocean city boardwalk it has crime after crime here happening and that is a terrible thing here. >> all agreed. hopefully we will put an end to it, steve.
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high profile endorsement role in one after another, right now picking up momentum even as new polls show that clinton and presumptive g.o.p. nominee donald trump remain deeply unpopular. >> let's bring in doug luzader, in washington d.c., big day yesterday there, doug. >> reporter: yeah, very busy day here in washington as far as these candidates are concerned. we have new "fox news" poll numbers showing that the race is still pretty close. compared to recent numbers to last month, hillary clinton has been stable, still at 42 percent. donald trump has fallen six points over the course of the past month but they are still within the margin of error and meantime, don't tell bernie sanders that he is primary that is over. bernie sanders pack them in again last night at a rally here in washington. he is still on the hunt. >> let me say thank you for being part of the political
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revolution. >> reporter: earlier sanders met with president obama at the white house and right after they were done, hillary clinton's campaign released a video that the president had actually recorded two days earlier endorsing her. >> i'm with her. i'm fired up. i cannot wait to get out there and campaign for hillary. >> clinton won endorsement from vice-president joe biden and math chew sets senator elizabeth warren. donald trum hospital spent part of the day winning over donors in new york then touched off a twitter war. obama just endorsed crook hillary he wrote, he wants four more years of obama but nobody else does. clinton responded with a well known twitter feed, delete your account that was retweeted more than 300,000 times but republicans pounded on clinton's use of the word delete bringing up ongoing fbi investigation into her e-mail use and president endorsement, while that federal investigation is underway raises some legal questions.
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>> can the president, and can the attorney general who works for him, and can the director of the fbi who works for her, possibly be influenced by the president's wish that the subject of their criminal inn investigations should succeed him. >> they should follow evidence where it leads and the president has complete confidence that is exactly what they will do. >> back to the polls for a moment which again suggesting hillary clinton and donald trump are all that popular among independent voters. all this raises question, is this kind of a prime time for a third party candidate to emerge. well, gary johnson libertarian candidate and his numbers are going up. he was at 10 percent back in may which is a good number for third party by, now at 2 percent, very close to the 15 percent threshold thaw need to become part of the presidential debate. that is a big deal. back to you guys. >> his number is heading in the right direction, doug, thanks. president obama was on the tonight show, last night and
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he is looking ahead to life after the white house and getting used to do every day things by himself again. >> the president says he is a little concerned about using smart phones after upgrading from a black berry just last year to the smart phone loaded with extra security features. >> i get the thing, mr. president, for security reasons, there is a great phone, state of the art but it doesn't take pictures, you can't text, the phone does president work, you know, you can't put your music on. so basically it is like does a three-year old have one of those play phones. with the stickers on it. >> i am going to call mini mouse. >> yes. >> your imagery friend. >> obama is so funny. >> yes good correspondence dinner he was better than any comedian. >> lets go to mike and alex now you guys are having fun as well in jenkintown.
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>> it is actually beautiful out here. i think temperature is optimal. we have sunshine. doctor mike has shown up. >> he is my sunshine. >> you are my sunshine. >> i love you. >> let me tell you this, this might be awkward because we are talking about this and so important we will get this information out in jenkintown, study that came out about antidepressants and our little kid. >> if you have children young children, there is a significant amount of major depression that we see. that this study shows there are risks associated with using medications. so what we want to do is get people to know that you have to focus on psychotherapy rather than going to medications because they can cause suicide thoughts and lots of problem. you do it but it has got to be very strictly monitored. >> as a parent how do we know when you need to.
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>> you probably will hear from the school where your child is that they are depressed, they are not participating or happy and then you start with psychotherapy and love and caring and that is what you do. >> just be careful, try toe stay up on medications? that is right. >> lets talk about wine, it is friday after all, what do you say. >> you cannot wine on a friday. >> wow. >> jenkintown, i like this wine. >> another new study says that you should go with this size class over that one. >> right. >> what i have is carl.a. and renee as volunteers, basically what we have is the same amount of wine in a larger glass and a smaller glass, champagne glass but if you look at it this looks fuller and the study found that this person will tend to drink more, renee, because it looks less full so it is all okay. i will have another. >> it starts in your brain. >> it is perception. they did a study and they
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found if they served wine in smaller glasses, that they served less wine. >> but shouldn't they charge us more though. >> well, you have enough you won't even know it. >> i will go drink wine with this lady, come here. now i said on the show yesterday i would wear white pants turnaround there, so, a number of the women have come out with their white pants on but she took it up a notch. >> she sure did. >> white shoes, white polish. >> look at that. >> you have yours on. >> is what your name. >> larisa. >> aim mike. >> here you you go. >> here's interesting thing about this, aren't you guys going to work after this? >> yes. >> your bosses aren't watching. >> sue will save some for you, sue likes her white wine. >> so, i got my wine chilling for later on because here at west after new grill they are a byob for dinner but we have
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breakfast specialties to show you after the forecast because it is a beautiful morning. now that the sunnies higher in the sky it is starting to warm up a bit. still in the 50's in jenkintown. we will end up at 10:00 o'clock, at about 56 degrees. things will warm up nicely throughout the day and we have temperatures in the 40's and 50's throughout the morning. throughout the region i should say and 60 degrees in philadelphia heading to the shore and we know, that this it is june now and we are getting busy weekend at the shore. land breeze today 76 degrees, nice day at the shore, 80 degrees by tomorrow and 86 on sunday, yes, a chance of showers and thunderstorms. seven day forecast has things clearing up after the weekend. let's bring in dan the man from west avenue grill. >> good morning everybody. >> little bob kelly for you. >> he warned you he always
7:19 am
does. >> your chevies here with us as well. >> yes, chevies here. >> yes, hi. >> so show us some of the things, this all looks so good. >> this is newer dishes from our new menu. we have fried chicken bendik with fresh avocado, on a english muffin with our fresh home fries. >> this looks like cereals as well. >> that is berry captain crunch on top of the strawberry cream cheese filling. >> my gosh. >> what kind of pancakes are these. >> these are the specialty. >> we have vanilla wafers. >> is that what is on top. >> yes, it is one more. >> this is chicken quesadilla. >> my goodness. >> with balsamic reductions, and peppers, spinach, cheddar cheese. >> so my wine will go perfectly with that. >> perfect. >> all right guys, thanks for having us this morning. >> thanks for having us.
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>> bob, i need to digging in so you need to do traffic. say good morning everybody. >> good morning, everybody. we're live from jenkintown. >> good morning, jenkintown over there, one word in the studio when you were showing all that food, ahh. in a different way. the this is an overturn tractor trailer here on the 309 expressway, it is southbound lanes of 309 right here near perkasie interchange. all i see is box portion of that, i bet you, it was one of those tandem tractor trailers, and so here's the front one, and it has a connection and then you get second one, one of the tandem tractor trailers, the second half of it here, obviously broke away and flipped over. no reports of any injuries so hopefully it will stay that way, it looks like we may have a fuel spill here but this is southbound 309, as we get to
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the maps real quick southbound 309 at perkasie, so leaving quakertown i would head for the north east extension heading southbound, wine and white pants can mean only one thing mike jerrick and alex in jenkintown. >> tell me what you are seeing in louisville? okay. let's punch up this live shot from louisville, kentucky, muhammad ali's funeral is today. president clinton will be there. will smith. >> there will be a lot of people there. >> billy crystal. >> we will talk to the reporter there to talk about some of the things happening today as we remember the greatest of all time, muhammad ali. >> people have license lined up all day long. we will get to louisville next.
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look at the hats. >> how cute. >> i love their hats. >> i actually have one of those. >> you do. >> do you ever pull it out. >> on the weekend, sure. >> okay. look at this, do you see what they are doing back here. this is a jenkintown dance troop. shannon, where did you go? did i tell to you stan over there? >> who are you. >> i'm shannon goodman owner of edge dance company. >> right here in jenkintown. >> right here in jenkintown. >> is what the name of the group. >> they will be performing missy today. >> what is the song. >> it is a combination. >> ready to go. >> yes. >> how old are they? >> they start at age ten and go up to 16. >> all jenkintown kids. >> yes. >> who has the music. ready to crank it up. >> let's crank it up.
7:26 am
7:27 am
they got attitude. >> yes. >> wow. >> yes. >> wow. >> keep it going, keep it going, all right. >> show them the moves, mike. >> all right. >> a quick interview here with justin beiber, i understand you got punched in the face are you okay. >> i'm good. >> he is like what are you talking about. >> quincy, are you doing some yoga? let me see do you that yoga. >> i'm doing hot yoga, it is 105 degrees, jenkintown hot yoga, stephanie is trying to kill me. i have been doing this class. we will be back in a second.
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okay. we have stepped away from the crowd here in jenkintown because we want to take to you louisville, kentucky. it is funeral for muhammad ali. >> there will be a big service going on thousands of people expect there in louisville.
7:31 am
let's check with joel waldman in front of the big arena there. hi there, joel. >> reporter: mike and alex, good morning. i know you guys are having fun here in the philadelphia area here not exactly the same scene a lot more somber, as people are getting ready to say good bye to the greatest, thousands preparing for muhammad ali funeral, while also getting ready to celebrate the champ's life. muhammad ali's hometown louisville, kentucky is site of remembrance and pray eras people arrive from all over the world to say good bye to their hero. >> i flew from chicago, from here. >> how long did it take you. >> five days. >> everybody is coming together from all walks of life. >> reporter: tens of thousands of people are expected to line streets for funeral procession through the city. ali's body will travel along the boulevard named for him and past his childhood home. private funeral services and burial will be held at cave
7:32 am
hill cemetery followed by an inter faith memorial service at an arena in the city where 15,000 people are expect to attend. included in the celebration eulogies from former president bill clinton and comedian and actor billy crystal. >> he will always be remembered and never will be forgotten. >> muhammad ali meant so much to me in life. you know, he gave me, he gave me that strength to carry on sometimes. >> reporter: on thursday more than 14,000 people paid tribute at an islamic funeral service at cities freedom hall. >> whatever it may be, his was in the ring. he used that projected platform to fight for justice in the home and in the world. >> muhammad ali certainly did do that he died at age 74, he was diagnosed with parkinson's disease, 32 years ago. mean while we are getting word here this morning that in addition to will smith and
7:33 am
others like lennox lewis there will be one other very special pallbearer that person is, we still do not the know, mike and alex? >> okay. i know billy crystal will be there too because he did one of the best impressions from the very beginning of muhammad ali, and he used to do it right in front of him. >> so funny. >> i think he will give a eulogy too. bill clinton, and will smith there. >> it will be very meaningful since will smith played him in the movie ali. >> he did a great job. >> i didn't realize, well, muhammad ali had nine kids, the fifth of those nine is a real estate agent in the main line still living in our area. she has a 14 year-old son name jacob. >> he certainly has a beautiful family. we are thinking of him and all of the people paying their respects this morning. >> lets get back to some fun here in jenkintown, pa montgomery count which sue czar ohio. >> there is nothing more fun
7:34 am
then watching other people eat, right? well, that is what we are doing at west ave frill in the heart of the jenkintown we showed i what they served. it was sitting here. you guys are getting ready to go to school. >> yeah. >> where do you go to school. >> jenkintown middle school, high school and she goes to the elementary school. >> we have everything all in within place. we will show thaw stuff later on but let show you forecast for today. have you looked out the window to see how gorgeous it is, come join us after looking out window get dressed though first we would appreciate that but buddy is wearing long sleeves because it is on the chilly side this morning with temperatures in the 50's, and we have had some 60's around the city, and at the shore this morning but 40's in the poconos and mountains. we are in montgomery county in jenkintown and planning on squinty sunshine, high temperature 78 degrees, so outside, of the west avenue grill we have got puppies, people and we have got plenty
7:35 am
of food, only thing we don't have is you, come on by hey bob kelly say hi to bob kelly, everybody. >> hi everybody. >> your fan club is here. >> my goodness, that is a great spot, great people out there and sue you are not going to get back in the building unless you bring take out containers with samples later on. good morning, eastbound schuylkill expressway another problem now, look at the overhead street lamp how it is dangling getting ready to drop. they have the right lane blocked here as a safety precaution to get a street crew out to one of those cherry pick tours income that down. we have pretty much sun glare and that streetlight problem eastbound schuylkill stack up from city line into girard avenue. sky fox over the scene of this tractor trailer accident, one of those tandem tractor trailers accident is a long 309, southbound at the perkasie exit.
7:36 am
those tandem tractor trailers where they have the cab tractor trailer, a little will connection and then second one. well, here's what happened, the second would be became dislodged and flipped over here on the southbound lanes of 309. so what we're seeing here is now all southbound lanes are blocked and if we can go back to the maps, best bet from quakertown use the northeast extension and go south towards mid county. otherwise sun glare, in problems on mass transit, i'm ready to paint, painting with the twist, mike and alex, are you ready. >> well we are having a good time. >> look at these people. painting with a twist, that means you can have something in your drink, a twist in your drink, that is what they have in the just artwork. >> how are you. >> you are working on something. we will check in on them to see what they will do. what is this going to be. >> what would it be. i don't know. >> will it have a twist.
7:37 am
>> it will have a twist. >> okay. >> okay.
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it's snack justice.
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yeah, baby. >> yeah. >> we're in jenkin town. >> because we're here in jenkintown. >> great, jenkintown, good morning. we have momosa's for you right over here. >> painting with the twist. >> i'm regina with painting with the twist, the co-owners. >> explain that. >> we do painting parties, you bring your wine, your snacks, your paint the painting, you go home with a work of art. it the is fan lust. it is a lot of fun. we have great teachers. they take you through step by step. you start with the blank canvas and when you are didn't you gem home with your very own art. >> is there an instructor right there. >> this is kayla. >> hi there kayla.
7:41 am
>> good morning. >> so what did you ask them to do. >> i told them they need to pick up blue paint and white paint and lets work out this background. >> you show them a finish product and greg our own cameraman will show finish product right now it is a vase full of sunflower because i'm from the sunflower state isn't that sweet. >> yes. >> we wanted a happy painting for you guys, happy, cheery good day. >> do you do other paint goes at all. >> so by the way kayla is this hard to do? have you ever met somebody that just couldn't do it at all. >> no, it is more of an issue i need to you trust me. >> trust the process. >> trust the process, right, because everyone that typically comes to us isn't necessarily what we call visually handicap, so i need to guide you step by step in ways that are way more simply fight. >> you break it down.
7:42 am
>> almost like painting by numbers. >> no, no, no. >> i got an idea. i got an idea. by the way i just finish this painting, tom. i call it polar bear in the snowstorm. >> is that nice. >> abstract painting there. >> lets do this, at close to 10:00 o'clock find out who came closest to the finish product which is a vase of sunflowers. >> do they get a prize? maybe they cap sign up for mazda cx9. >> how about they get to hug mazda they get to touch it. >> who will do it best. >> quincy is stale live. >> well, i don't know. >> right around that curve. >> mime, i'm still alive, jenkintown hot ohio a we are doing one move. i think i'll be okay.
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7:45 am
we're back live at the eastbound schuylkill expressway where there is an overhead dangling light here that they have to have the right lane block waiting for philadelphia streets department to get cherry picker up here. i'm in the sure if this had
7:46 am
anything to do with the accident from earlier but eastbound there is two lanes opened at girard avenue and that is causing a jammo that begins near conshohocken. eastbound in the city, stacked and pack into downtown. if i were you i would jump off and we have had this overturn tractor trailer, southbound lanes of 309, closed at perkasie. so from quakertown why that northeast extension. a live look at ben franklin bridge, in problems, light on a friday, typical for friday mornings. it is always later on when we get that crowd heading to the beach. we have beach crowd, poconos crowd, 12 to two is that crunch time. route 37 we will go for a fly from cherry hill good morning to the shaders as we head through maple shade up and over that bridge just normal sun glare out there. how long will that sun glare hang maybe through weekend? sue has the forecast live from
7:47 am
jenkintown coming up in five seconds this is best time of the year when it is almost the end of the school year. is what your name. >> jason. >> and, icily. >> maya. >> madison. >> how many days until the end of school. >> almost a week. >> so you are, is it hard to pay attention to school. >> yes. >> with the sun shining and you just want your summer to start? i know but you know what it will not be too much longer. thanks for joining us this morning. lets get to the weather because we have to tell you about changes copping for the weekend. we are starting off with a gorgeous day and gorgeous rest of your day i can promise that but as we look at weekend in
7:48 am
advance it looks like thunderstorms arriving in the afternoon on saturday this time, opposite of last week even, still a 50/50 weekend because sun returns on sunday but expect very gusty wind on sunday even with your 58 degrees. temperatures at the moment are mostly in the 50's. we are seeing a few folks edging up in the 60's but slight chance of severe weather tomorrow and then again start looking at sky, tomorrow, anytime after 3:00 o'clock i would say in the afternoon. it is 78 in the city, shore 76 with a land breeze and poconos high of 65. sunny and cool. so that is a quick look at your seven day forecast and another look at the puppies. we will meet them up close and personal, coming up, and lots more fun in store from jenkintown, guys, back to you. >> yeah. >> you're having a lot of fun, sue. we are here with the mazda
7:49 am
folks. i feel special today because i have my friend carla, come here. i show pictures. car will and i hang out all the time. because you came out to jenkintown i have a gift would i like to give you. >> nice. >> i will give you a chance to win mazda cx9. >> great. >> here's the thing, everybody can win it, right. >> that is right. >> go check it out. this could be you, girl. so vincent, tell me how people can sign up to get this mazda cx9. >> just go on fox and see huge link to sign up for your car and we are out here and we have surveys here, get a free bag, sunglasses, some towels, so much fun stuff. >> you are styling. >> how many people signed up for mazda cx9? all right who wins the win the mazda cx9. >> she said what can she say. >> i didn't sign up but i still want to win. >> how old do you have to be. >> you have to be 18 years old.
7:50 am
aim note even able to register either you can get your mom to sign up. >> for graduation today. >> trying to work it all out. >> that shows how excited people are to do this. >> i don't know where mike jer rick went. >> come here. i am going to do that hanging trick again and scare people. so greg, look at the people over here and i will honk the horn, okay, ready; go, go, go. three, two, one. >> it didn't scare them. they are too cool in jenkintown man. >> too cool man you will be cool if you win mazda cx9. >> i will tell you i know someone hoist not cool right now, quincy harris. he is melting. >> literally hot. >> it is 105 degrees right here in jenkintown hot yoga. it may not look like it is hot but can you see the sweat.
7:51 am
we have china. we have stephanie. stephanie is the owner you are doing great. >> jenkintown hot yoga. >> what are benefits of hot yoga verse regular yoga. >> benefits of the hot room it opens up body to stretch longer, deeper without injuries and get deeper in the posture then stretching as we go through the routine. the it opens up blood vessels so objection again nateed blood can course through body feeding ligaments, joint, help healing arthritis and injuries and it opened up the system. >> you have lost 35-pound doing hot yoga. >> i did. >> how did you feel before verse right now thaw are doing hot yoga consistently. >> it feels like my body feels it is supposed to, how i'm supposed to work whether my systems together. i had high blood pressure. i also suffered a little bit from anxiety and things like that. when i started to do yoga it help getting off blood
7:52 am
pressure medicine and helped calm me down keep my nice calm cool collect and get my body where it need to be. >> classes are 90 minutes. >> ninety minutes for 90 good years. >> ready. >> ready. >> so is what the move. >> pick up the foot, pull from the inside, bring it down. left leg log, come close to the shoulder stretch up to the ceiling, go, charge your body forward standing. jenkintown hot yoga. >> i don't know what we're doing. >> finger kick, come on. feet together arms down by your side. >> okay. we have something very special that happens in jenkintown it is called breathing room. >> what is that. >> if you are dealing with
7:53 am
cancer and other diseases and can't pay some of your bills or whatever, this organization breathing room helps you do it. you got to hear about this. >> sound wonderful. >> we will talk after the break from jenkintown.
7:55 am
i get out of work and i go to the store, and somebody's, smellin' around, "mmm! i smell cookies." i say, "oh no, you just smell me. i just got out of work. that's honey bunches of oats, that's all." and now in delicious chocolate. ♪
7:56 am
we want to shine light on something special happening in jenkintown called the breathing room. it is right down the street, right mary ellen. >> yes. >> thinks mary ellen fitzgerald and you run the breathing room. what exactly is the breathing room. >> we provide support to families as they are going through their cancer diagnosis. >> what kind of care support services. >> basically anything they need to help them through every day. we provide home cook meals, we will mow their lawn, pay a bill for them if we need to, just care and support.
7:57 am
>> you give them that breathing room to focus on the fight. >> absolutely. >> mike, you have a family here who has benefited. >> do you see tim with that big hot dog on his shirt? is that your business. >> yes. >> you were diagnosed with throat cancer how long ago. >> it was in august of 2015. >> 2015. >> how are you now. >> i'm doing wonderful, in remission. >> all right. >> what is buba a dog. >> hot dog carton 59th straight in sea isle city. >> are you the owner. i do. >> lots of help from these folks. >> let's introduce these folks. >> this is my youngest connor say hi. >> hi. >> this is timmy, age 13. this is my daughter maddie claire. >> hi. >> who is this. >> this is my beautiful wife kristin. >> they met on walnut street at irish pub a few years ago. you live just down the street. >> we live right down the street. >> what did breathing room do for your family. >> they helped news so many
7:58 am
ways, when tim was in the hospital, penn state abington athletic department did our yard work, clean up for the fall, they brought us meals, snacks, backpacks to take to the hospital. >> when you are going through this fight it is little will things you don't get to think about because you are focused on trying to get better. >> it is amazing. they are right up the street. foundation is right up the street. little knowledge of the breathing room before, i received my unfortunate diagnosis but, you know, i mentioned that i am in remission and breathing room has much to do with that as anyone else. >> are there other breathe willing rooms around the country. >> there is not. >> it is a jenkintown thing. >> it was started by my sister and husband right down the street in jenkintown in their own home. it started with friend and family. it has grown to include probably most of this crowd volunteers. >> wow. >> how many families do you help right now. >> we have helped 701 new
7:59 am
families last year. >> amazing. >> that is great. >> thank you for what you do. >> all right, jenkintown. >> good to meet you family. boom. >> buba dogs. >> yes.. >> all of the volunteers, thank you for that. >> thank you. >> it takes all of the jenkintown to do this. that is wonderful. >> that was a darn good first hour. >> i think we should keep going. >> should we just leave town. >> i want to stay here. >> let's do another hour. >> roll tape. terror on the trail a runner slashed on the schuylkill banks. the warning before you work out this morning. and good bye to the greatest. >> i'm young, i'm handsome, i'm fast, i'm pretty and can't possibly be beat. >> muhammad ali will be laid to rest in louisville, kentucky.
8:00 am
we will take you their life, as mourners pay tribute to the boxing legend. from a major endorsement. >> i know how hard this job can be and that is why i know hillary will be so good at it. >> to slow jamming the news. >> i know some of the presidential candidates have been critical of my foreign policy. i don't want to name any names. >> something about donald trump. >> president obama in hillary clinton's corner as presidential race grows uglier and uglier. this fight, justin beiber income out, new drama unfolding, plus what he reportly said just before the punch. ♪ >> all right now.
8:01 am
that is modern color straight out of jenkintown. >> there is some rockers. they have that rocker stance, you know when you do it. >> yes. >> do your white pant dance. >> it should be white leather pants. >> they should be. >> should these pants be leather. >> yes, definitely. >> oh, yeah. who are you. >> i'm alyssa. >> hi, good to know you. >> alyssa likes what she sees. >> yes. >> do the white pants dance i need to see it. >> yeah. >> i got white pants and i need to dance. >> these people said it would be too chill toy wear white pants but i think not. >> it is warming up. that sun feels good. >> i got my white jacket on plus i'm living part of my dream. my dream is to do weather from bed, right. so i got a bed but it is a dog
8:02 am
bed and i have decided to put it in the will on of west avenue in jenkintown. isn't this fun? yeah. of course, i have a puppy. we will meet the puppies here in just a few minutes but let's get you that forecast, the weather from bed. we're starting off with temperatures in the 50's and 60's this morning. there is not a cloud in the sky. it is beautiful today. it will stay that way for the rest of the day. bus stop buddy, ten out of ten you saw him with the long sleeve shirt on, we're just expecting plenty of sunshine today, high of 78 degrees but things will change a lot over the weekend, we will detail that for you and talk to more puppies, and more people, too, everybody say hi to bob kelly. bob kelly, i'm in the middle of west avenue. >> put your head down and take a nap. >> we will wake you up in 15 minutes. 8:02. we are having fun getting down in jenkintown 20 minute delays
8:03 am
on the are in is town high speed line because of the disable train on the tracks. jammo on the schuylkill expressway eastbound we have sun glare in the conshohocken curve, earlier accident at girard and of head street lamps is just dangling there waiting to drop in the right lane. so police have that right lane block which means only two lanes coming into philadelphia. overturned tandem tractor trailer, second half of that tractor trailer flipped over south 309 closed at perkasie. so from quakertown stick with the northeast extension and congrats to the grads, grid lock today five of the big catholic high school graduating, shanahan, little flower, bonner prendie gas, roman, newman goretti, and we're a veilable for a graduation part if i anyone wants to invite us. >> who are those people? >> they are big fans. >> they are kind of cool will good who are the kid in the
8:04 am
picture. >> marion, anthony and luke. >> are you a jenkintown women. >> go flyers. >> yes. >> is what your name. >> keon. >> can you throw to chris and karen and say hi chris and karen. >> hey, chris and karen good hey keon, good work, buddy. thanks, guys. we will check back in a minute but we want to get tour top store thinks morning. >> absolutely tragic discovery after crews put out a house fire first in delaware county and then as we take a look inside and get there charred remains, they found body of a man. fire started inside the house over on east thompson avenue and granite terrace in springfield right after midnight they made this discovery. they fire was intentionally set. >> police are on the look out for a slash's long schuylkill river trail. >> woman attack happened in the middle of the afternoon. >> steve keeley standing by live with the investigators and what they are telling us, steve, good morning to you.
8:05 am
>> reporter: yes, very vague description guy in his 20's. 6 feet tall, goat tea black male. follows woman along the trail and then up the steps here. said something incoherent phrase, you dent know anything, slashed the woman across the face. woman run up here to these buildings as close as possible on walnut street where they have surveillance camera as the guy walk by here but the woman was too traumatized. they need video of the time and place and anybody that looks like that vague description and hopefully would the man will be well enough to match anything that they say. so far for security steps after all of the other crimes here they have got these yellow stickers that tell you where you can tell police once you call 911 but that is after the fact thing. kenyatta johnson, the councilman out hearsays we have to immediately do things to make this thing safer, chris and karen. >> makes sense, thanks steve. we will keep an eye on that for sure. final farewell to boxing great muhammad ali. lets take a live look,
8:06 am
louisville, at his hometown, of course, so many people there, you cannot see in this shot but there are tens of thousands of people expect to be lining the streets for this funeral procession to wind its way through this community that will be quick in less than an hour. after that there will be a public memorial services at big sports arena there and then a private service at cave hill cemetery. president barack obama officially endorses hillary clinton a he did it in a new video. >> i don't think there has ever been someone so qualified to hold this office. she has courage, compassion and the heart to get the job done. >> well, it didn't take long for republican nominee donald trump to react on twitter. so he wrote obama just endorsed crook hillary he wants four more years of obama but nobody else does. >> and then clinton responded simply tweeting delete your count and that was retweeted more than 350,000 times.
8:07 am
>> and then she thank barack obama thanking them for the endorsement. >> lets go back to jenkintown, good morning, guys. >> wait until you see the marries here, mayor foley good to see you. >> ed foley. >> how are you. >> you have a nicetown here. >> i love this town. >> how biggies this town good less than one square mile. >> yes. >> but you cannot tell because it feels big with the people here and they love it. >> it feels big guy small, you feel very home i place. >> do you ever see bradley cooper isn't this his home town. >> this is his home town good has anybody ever seen him. >> yes. >> he was getting off his motorcycle, he was going to west avenue grill. i wanted to say something but i was embarrassed but i just kept looking. >> what if you saw him again would you say hello. >> i would say i see all of his movies all the time. >> oh, yeah. >> who want to see bradley cooper. >> you have a tv show the goldbergs. >> yes.
8:08 am
>> adam goldberg grew up in this town. he enjoyed it so much and meant so much he made a tv show about it. the his mom still lives here. she was very disappointed she could not be here today. >> alex and i were noticing there seems to be stores here for over a hundred years. tell me about that. >> all these businesses are multi generational businessness jenkintown. >> let's show some signs. >> representative of the business that is have been around a long time. >> these folks, as much as we have multi generational families here we have businesses that handed down to children and just in the next generation and the continuity that makes the world feel stable and home y place. >> we have been doing our research on jenkintown trying to learn bit. i'm trying to figure out the color thing. i love color but is there red and blue. this is a seventh fifth year here. >> 2012 it was. >> seventh fifth color day. >> we have divided boro up into blue and red and then fight it out every day on color day where we have a
8:09 am
field day on the school field and kid compete from kindergarten to seniors, every kid competes and it is a a huge, huge day. >> why blue and why red. >> this is not los angeles. >> don't ab frayed. >> anybody here blue. >> go blue. >> wow. >> we have a blue right here. >> it might be red. >> now do you keep the same color year to year. >> yeah good multi generations keep the same color. we have kids, their families have been red or blue since their great grandparents went to school. >> never heard of that. >> and families where kids are married from high school. >> any purple, any purple? >> well, that is our favorite color purple. >> any purple you are purple. >> mixture of both. >> hold on a second, tom, come here. you know you spelled beauty wrong. is what the name of your company.
8:10 am
>> accent on beauty. >> i wore these white pant because it is accent on the booty. >> oh, yeah. >> apparently quincy wants to go to school here. >> i would. >> nice schools. >> these kid have so much school spirit. we have the blue, we have the red, i don't know who i am going to be with but coming back i have to get back to jenkintown. wave, guys. hello,
8:11 am
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8:13 am
a glorious morning in jenkintown we are all squinting because of the sunshine and that is a good thing. you see us playing with puppies all morning. let's find out more what ising on with the puppies here with torey. thanks so much for bringing the puppies here. >> thanks for having me good tell me about this business,
8:14 am
four years ago. >> four years ago we formed this business and we are a full service dog grooming salon and boutique who sell high end dog beds. >> we can take a look at some of your merchandise. as we will see we have cool looking dog bowls here. >> that is a bruno bowl. >> okay. >> yes, fashionable doggie carrier bags and everything else. >> yes. >> full disclose another you used to be an intern for us. >> yes, i left the best years of my life. >> yes. >> obviously we have spurred you on to the success you have today. >> yes, yes. >> now we have a crowd. tell us about the puppies you rescued. >> we formed our own rescue and we are a no kill, non-profit dog rescue and we have saved 200 dogs from peer toe rico ape these little guys came from there because we are focused on saving and spread ago wearness of adopting animals. >> beautiful thing. we feel the same way at fox
8:15 am
29. good luck with your business. and everything else in beautiful jenkintown. say hi everybody. >> new we will look at the weather. you don't to have think too much about today just enjoy the sunshine. the basically if you liked yesterday, today will be great. temperatures are mostly in the 50's and 60's, now that it is sunny, temperatures are zooming up higher. we will have a high of 78 degrees as we check out that seven day forecast, now tomorrow, more humid, and warmer with a high in the mid 80's and a chance of thunderstorms in the the afternoon. they will clear out the by sunday. sun will be back on sunday but then hold on tour hat because it will be windy. after that we're clear for the next couple days. humidity will go gannon monday and tuesday. that is a look the at the next couple days and the puppies and the people, say hi, jenkintown this morning. what a glorious morning but i know bob kelly, sun glare is a
8:16 am
problem on a morning like this. >> not a bad problem out of the all of the problems we could choose from but we have sun glare on the roadways and delays on the railways, 20 minute delays on the norristown high speed line because of the disable train. also running with delays of 15 to 20 minutes on the paoli thorndale regional rail line, otherwise, schuylkill we have got delays westbound but big delay inbound. an accident right here near girard. we have a low hanging overhead street lamp there. right lane is block at girard. that is jamming in from conshohocken all the way in. overturn tractor trailer southbound 309 closed at perkasie, so from quakertown use southbound northeast extension to get around that one. looking for something to do in town it is last weekend for chinese lantern festival down there at franklin square and outside to the live look at the boulevard, stacked up from broad street all the way down
8:17 am
through schuylkill expressway. ben franklin looking good and in delays at the airport, mike and alex, back to you in the jenkintown. >> thanks, bob kelly. here's what i love about jenkintown, great people and people we get to meet. this is london. >> hi. >> what grade are you in. >> third. >> you have a special day to day what is happening. >> i'm graduating. >> congratulations, graduating. you are going the 24th grade. >> yes good look at her special shoes. >> i love these. i remember wearing these growing up. so cute. >> london, i have those same shoes at home. >> it is like dorothy almost. >> yes, they are gold. >> what is this. >> my ipod. >> what is this. >> it is a ring. >> i want to give it to you. >> i'll take your phone.
8:18 am
>> look at that, this is bling, right here. >> very nice. >> congratulations. >> can i have a hug. >> adorable. congratulations is this mom right here. >> nice job, mom. >> i have another special visitor here. this is chrissy. she is one of our friend. >> i know you, chrissy you live in this area. >> yes, i live right down the street. >> what do you love about jenkintown. >> i love that it is a quiet quaint place to live, great families, great school district, all that kind of stuff very family friendly place with children as i have a child as well. >> hi andre. >> he is on his way to school and it is such a great the place for families, great restaurants, wonderful place. >> fabulous, mike. >> come over here because i want to take you to something in september. can you stay here and listen, seriously. we will be in jenkintown on
8:19 am
this very piece of earth right here, town square. is what your name. >> melissa powe. >> september the jenkintown festival of the arts, 18th annual, it should be fantastic. we have got two stages have live music, we have a brew tent, 75 artists coming, we have got food, student art show. >> right here. >> it is right here we shut it down. we have 6,000 people coming to town, fantastic event. >> sound wonderful. >> that sound like a date to me is that what you are doing. >> we're going. >> can i be the third wheel? >> can i wear these glasses, my stained glass, glasses, look at this real quickly here what kind of arts do you have in jenkintown. >> we have summer music seer that is features two different artists each week. from 7:00 to 9:00 we have live music and there is food, vendors, all kind of fun activity. >> it is so much fun. the artists are rocking every
8:20 am
week. we have different music. you can come check us out. >> a lot going on here good speaking of music. >> yes good do you like justin beiber. >> is that your question, trick question. >> one of the event that happened last night. >> not one of the best. >> one of the best things that happened. >> he got punched in the face. >> oh, no. >> terrible. >> not the funny. >> no. >> we will show you footage of justin finish, boom, right in the face. >> i think he wants some company now after the break.
8:21 am
8:22 am
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8:24 am
>> that is the shy move. >> yes. >> your name is reagan. how old are you? three? i got you. you can still hold my hand. >> so cute. >> this is the brother, jackson. >> he is not shy. >> hello brother. >> he looks like a short stop. >> i love his fit bit matches his outfit, mike, you are styling, you are cool, right. >> yes. >> leader of the pack. >> what are you looking at? adorable kid, mom, great job. >> now she's running away. >> back to mommy. >> what is up lady. >> good, how are you. >> what is a pulley and button hole. >> we are full-time theater come here in jenkintown. >> where is theater. >> we are behind the church of our savior on old york road. >> these are your kids. >> my fabulous folks. >> you put on plays. we will do a number from jenkintown musical for you which is our solute to small town, we will do everyone's
8:25 am
business which is how no secret is safe. >> does that mean people are nosey here in jenkintown. >> yes. >> people know everybody. >> everybody knows everything. >> yes. >> your child can't do anything before you find out about it. >> it takes a village to raise a child. >> no funny business here. >> that is right here in jenkintown. >> i wish i had gossip on her. is what the name of the song. >> everyone's song. >> let's hear it. >> it is pulley and button hole. >> ♪
8:26 am
>> these high school flared are playing a little jack tune. real smooth. >> ♪
8:27 am
8:29 am
it is squinty here in jenkintown this morning and real quickly before weather your dogs are from.
8:30 am
>> was to rescue. >> so cute. you have one foster and one foster. >> black one is the fos tour failure. >> hi everybody, from jenkintown. we have a look at our squinty forecast today, plenty of sunshine, just make sure you have your shades still on the cool side, buddy still has his long sleeve shirt on. on the way home it will be in the 07's, i think by lunchtime we will be in the 07's and we expect a high temperature of 78 degrees. so now that the sunnies up, temperatures will zoom up but best part about today is low humidity, we cannot say that about the weekend we will talk more about that coming up but for right now it is hello from jenkintown. say hi to bob kelly. >> hi been kelly. >> good morning, getting down in jenkintown.
8:31 am
8:30. good morning. we have lots of sunshine, out there. gorgeous morning southbound i-95, suffer roofs open heading south in toward center city philadelphia westbound on the pennsylvania turnpike just under a half an hour over through valley forge. southbound on the blue route stacked up from the schuylkill down to i-95. it is graduation grid lock today five of our big archdiocese high schools graduate to go day, shanahan, little flower, bonner prenner grass, roman, and newman goretti so watch for the grid lock around the graduation sites. we have parents, grab parents and whole family coming in. coming into town this weekend a big regatta setting up along kelly drive today, rowing will take place tomorrow and that will close kelly drive in and out of the city plus on a saturday we will close martin luther king drive for bikers and roller bladers a thane creates a jammo on the schuylkill expressway, alex, back to you in the jenkin town. >> bob, this happens every time when we go out to do
8:32 am
these live shows i had a jammo in my heart. i'm in love and his name is junior. look at this cutie pie. hi junior. >> look right there. >> junior. >> say hi. >> this is junior and his mom kelly. >> this is my nephew. >> yes, he just turned a year-old in april. >> do you see these glasses, and dimples. >> yes. >> look at that. >> so cute. >> quincy. >> junior is so cute it hurts, seriously. >> we love you. >> let me get this straight. i believe i'm with miss hackettes seventh period, class. >> yes you had a big shakespeare festival. >> yes you will do a performance. >> yes. >> is what performance. >> final scene of the romeo and juliett with minor adaptions. >> okay. take it away.
8:33 am
>> juliett awake in three hours. >> wheat flowers, flowers, and her eyebrows are on fleek, oh, wow. >> unaudible. >> blank. >> romeo, at last,... >> unaudible. >> you are feeling extra salt salty. >> oh, my gosh, they are doing that we have the superintendent, doctor wade,
8:34 am
how are the kids here. thinks your last year here. >> fantastic. great community, fantastic. you could not ask for a better place. >> tell us about color day, you have red, blue, great. >> it goes back to the 1930's. every year we produce the kid, they pick colors and then they stay with these colors their entire time, real dilemma is mommies in red and father was blue and they graduated from here. we don't know what to do. kid are enthusiastic. we wrap academics around it. >> i know thinks your last year here he is going to seattle. we want to thank kid here. i'm having fun. what are you doing over there. >> it sound like you're having fun. we are on the instagram but thinks our instagram thing. bear with me. >> hey, how are you. >> how are you bill anderson. >> we are handing out t-shirts and take pictures. >> you guys getting t-shirts. >> yes. >> i held up the process. >> good day weekend because
8:35 am
good day is seven days a week. >> "good day philadelphia". we have both on of them. >> here's the thing did you see president obama last night. >> i saw a little bit of it he slow jamming the news. >> we love it when he does this. >> in short, climate change is real, health carries affordable and love is love. >> commander and preach. you have to listen to my man. give him lemons he made so much lemonade, beyonce started to call him bar racki with the good hair. >> his first two terms ended in such a hurry, wish he could go for three like my man steph curry. >> there will be no third term, i can't stay forever,
8:36 am
besides, daddy has a hawaiian vacation booked in about 223 days but who is counting. >> i love that every time. sound so smooth. >> we should do that. >> slow jamming the news. >> we can do that. >> "good day philadelphia". >> bill anderson. >> cute shirt we have. >> you make these shirts and then there is mike. >> is this a photo bomb. >> hello mike. >> by the way. >> i just heard there is something called a chicken rodeo in jenkintown. >> you see this, somebody has been kissing you. >> look at this way, and that. >> you got to love this. >> we will be right back.
8:37 am
one american park is larger than yellowstone, yosemite, grand canyon and glacier national parks combined. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪ you can find it all only in new york.
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8:40 am
okay. >> i know this song. >> yes. >> it is going real fast. >> yes. >> okay. >> are you all right. >> i'm all right. >> i'm having a seizure here. >> you want this segment here. >> exactly. >> so matthew, this is a chicken rodeo. >> there will be a chicken rodeo on the 25th of june, expo with the chicken raisers and farmers in jenkintown. >> are there chicken raisers in jenkintown. >> not so many, a lot of people raising chickens in their backyard, about five, we have passed a law enabling that so we want to celebrate backyard chicken here in town square. we will have contests, we will have information about raising
8:41 am
chickens. >> so they have harness on them. >> yes. >> will they be riding the chickens. >> there will not be anyone riding the chickens. this is in case you want to walk them around town. >> is it difficult to keep a chicken in your backyard. >> no, once you get coupe built, it is just feeding them and picking up fresh eggs every day. >> you never have to get to the store for eggs. >> hardly ever. only time we to the a easter with 20 something people and girls don't produce that many. >> this is feather lock lear. >> feather locklear. >> my goodness does your chicken have a name. >> this is moot my name jean clubbingers. >> do you like holding chickens. >> yeah. >> all right. >> is that one alive. >> yes. >> so this is little chicken play tender we have here. i love the signs. i don't know if we can show signs. >> kid, move out of the way for a second.
8:42 am
make hand great again. i'm with hen. i like that. and feel the hen. >> chicks role. >> i agree. >> if you want to find information about jenkintown chicken. >> we do, we have a facebook page called jenkintown chicken town and jay town chicken. >> sound good. >> hi. >> speaking of sustain built we promote local farmers around here. we have a farm market every tuesday from five to 9:00 from now until the end of president is. >> do you have fresh eggs. >> we have fresh eggs, fresh food, produce good hey fish face, listen to this can you you tell between jenkintown egg from the backyard. >> you can. >> they taste so much better. >> they do. >> good to meet you. i don't know why i just hit you, sorry. >> did you hear about the the best news last night. >> tell me about just continue beiber getting punched in the face is that it. >> yes. >> do you want to see that. >> i do want to see it. >> it will happen in two minutes. >> i can't wait. >> hang in there.
8:43 am
>> jenkintown, good day.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
i've had about 50 people come up and say i will win that mazda. >> somebody will win it, that is true. we pick a finalist soon. >> yes. >> it will be you. >> yeah, little later we will say hot finalist is for this week. >> cool. >> good to see you again. >> good to see you thanks for driving up to jenkintown. >> no problem. >> don't you mess up that car. >> i won't. >> a lot of upset people. people have been signing out here today. >> so many people, also we have a quick survey you get the a mazda towel, get a mazda lunch box or cool styling mazda sunglasses. >> they are styling. >> or sign up on the web site and that web site is. >> fox, big ban their says event tore win here. click on that, and you contact than do this once every 24 hours, why wouldn't you. >> why wouldn't you. >> thanks, a lot. >> thank you. >> lets got to the best story of the day. >> are you a believer. >> best story of the day? lets get out to hollywood where dax is standing by with tmz. >> dax, mike is way too excited about what happened to
8:47 am
justin beiber. i feel bad for him. >> i knew mike would love this but we have this intense video of justin beiber, he was in cleveland after game three of the nba finals. he was out i guess at 11:00 p.m. he goes back to the westin where he is staying and he was outside and just gets in the fist fight with a guy out there who is, by the way like 6-foot five. we track town the guy, his name is lemont richard -- richmond and he talk to us and said this is exactly what happened. he was outside a bar. comes out, sees beiber, he is with two girls. they are chatting, they are having a good time then he asked for autograph and photo. if you have been following just continue beiber he has been on this like no photo, no autograph thing. i'm tired of posing with people. lemont apparently did not know that rule and he says beiber
8:48 am
then kind of got into this this macho mood and took a swing at him and that is when they got into this brawl and lemont took him down on the ground. le montes saying i didn't put all my force into it, i probably could have kill the guy because he is so tiny but that is exactly what happen. he plans to lawyer up and sue beiber. i'm in the hure what he will sue him for but i don't know if anything more than that happen. i don't know if beiber made contact with the guy but beiber was talking about the fact he had no scratches on him. he posted two photo, to selfies of his face saying look, no hesitation and no scratches on him. either way we are entertain by video but had to lead to violence but you know that is your lesson don't ask justin beiber for a photo. he means business. >> well, here's the thing dax, did do that instagram post he
8:49 am
said don't ask for pictures, he has warn people not that it was okay. >> everyone following his instant gram. >> i know, i'm not saying it justifies it but there was a warning. way he did it was totally wrong but my gosh, knock him out. >> dax, thanks. >> thanks for that. >> that means thanks, dax. save your breath. >> thanks, dax. >> i'll tell you what dax holt is amazing because he talk longer than the fight was, you know what i mean. >> quick knock out. >> true. >> who are your friend. >> this is we had earlier whether is your name. >> keon. >> this is his dad. >> yes, how are you. >> he said he saw me yesterday, keon's dad. >> where was she. >> logan hotel rooftop. >> who was she with. >> why didn't you say hi. >> i did, everyone was
8:50 am
surrounding you, i didn't want to interrupt. >> he sees all of the stars. >> we see stars, she walk in everyone was shock, we see beyonce, everyone. when she walked in it was amazing. >> so, beyonce, alex. >> there is in comparison. >> in the same breath. >> alex. >> very nice. seriously can i just touch you. he is me beyonce i have met her and talk to her. >> can i touch you. >> she does that every day. >> listen to this, good two hours lets do one more do you want to do one more hour in jenkintown. do you want to dance again. >> he is always dancing. come on back.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
we are about to do something serious when you have to sign a waiver. so mike is signing his life away. >> i, bob kelly, understand, and agree that the above terms. no, i put my real name, waiver of liability, we will get acupuncture. >> have you done that before. >> no. >> i haven't either. >> i'm really frayed of pain. >> how are you. >> lisa wye land life acupuncture. >> i'm ann martin. >> well, you sign yours then. >> i will give you the mike. >> all right. >> so acupuncture has been around for thousands of years. >> um-hmm. >> what does it the help you with. >> i always hear, i have pain i got acupuncture and why does it work. >> it works because it balancing the chi in your
8:55 am
body. >> i have chi. >> yes, not cheese, chi. >> i have cheese last night, i'm bloated. >> i can treat you for that. >> you can treat my for bloatness it will regulate your digestive system. >> i have a lit built of the headache. can you fix that. >> we can work on it. >> i will sit down. >> all right. >> what is the nose least sensitive place to do this. head would be where it hurts. >> where do you want it. >> on my hand or something. >> i will do a couple points in his ear because it will help, you'll be okay, i promise. it will help with his headaches. it will help with stress and address the digestive issues. >> i have a lot of stress. >> you go do that and i will talk with you. what are other areas that will help. we're tired all the time. we need really rough hour. if you are feeling tired, does it help you feel energized. >> it can give you energy, great for women's issues and some fertility.
8:56 am
>> all right. >> how is it, mike. >> i'm feeling better. >> sit in. >> you don't feel it in. >> don't say that. >> for people lake me i can't stand pain. i run from it. what does it feel like. >> so a lot of people air frayed of acupuncture because they think it is painful but it is like a little bit going in but most people get relaxed and fall sleep on their table. >> do you feel relaxed. >> it doesn't sound like it. >> does it take effect right away. >> it takes a couple minutes. >> you are supposed to try to relax. >> here we go. >> can we move in. >> he is all wound up. >> it is good. >> better than earrings. >> where are you going to get yours. >> i will just do one. >> we will do one right here. >> this one right here.
8:57 am
>> my gosh, owe kay. >> that is not the bad at all. >> okay. >> you ever put it right in somebody's face. >> there is a great point right here to mellow you out. >> right between the eyes. >> now that i'm relaxed lets do another hour of good day from jenkintown. >> please leave those in your ear. >> i will. they look nice. >> very good. ...clear for take off.
8:58 am
see ya! when you're living with diabetes. steady is exciting. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady, to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and try new glucerna hunger smart to help you feel full.
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we're out here in jenkintown. i lost my hat. i'm here with the fire chief right here. make that siren goou


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